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1st step

All file notes are generated from our  App. P and we will send a copy of your document within 24 hours.

If you would like a manual paper copy of our file note, please click the logo below.

Contine to the 2nd step if you would like us to generate your file note via our website and have us email you the copy. 

Download a copy of our TERMS App today and start recording your own tenancy history. 

2nd step

Please ensure you have logged into our website so we know who the file note belongs to and can verify you are a member.

If you have logged on, check out step 3.  If you haven’t, click the icon below and once you have logged in, navigate back to this page.

3rd step

 is disabled due to being a free product, so you will have to click 

If you did not log in earlier, the responses required will not appear and you will be presented with 

4th step

The first 3 responses are the same as the letter and it is about the way you and the landlord communicated. Some file notes may need the opposite response, so dropdowns are your only selection.

For example, you rang the landlord to find out how long before the water usage bill will arrive, you would respond:

Made a phone call  – To the – Landlord 

Add your comments and click


A message will appear letting you know that your order was successful. The current window does not close after the finished button has been clicked and your data will still be on the screen. Please click to return to continue browsing our website.

Please note:

In most situations, we will endeavour to process your file note immediately however depending on the volume of requests, we may need up to 24 hours. When using our TERMS App, a file note is generated for each Note entered.

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File Note

File Note

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