Bond refund notes

You hear everyone saying “I wish someone would record what they tried to take from the bond” and this is why we created this form, for that precise reason. We would like to record the statistics from this form, with your permission of course. Nothing identifiable or down to the last cent in details, just the general information you supply.

Here’s how you enter this form

Email = is the identifier. We use it to find you in the master database to ensure you are a member (approving our service to you)

Date = use the date the event or incident happened. We sort your data into chronological order so the Statement of Evidence flows in a logical manner. 

Action, what, who =  Sent an email → with a document to the → Property Manager

Claim form 

Authorised Form is the same for response for processing the bond refund online. If the landlord has authorised your refund that is as good as signing the authorised form. If the landlord types up their own release of bond monies form for you to sign, they certainly aren’t using the correct authorised form. After you selected your response the details will need to be selected. 

Bond dispute

This Note provideds two responses as it records whether you have an issue about the bond dispute or whether you are trying to negotiate your bond refund and it could turn into a dispute. Negotiations offers a list of entities you would be negotiating with as well as recording your letters that are sent. 

If you require the first negotiation letter to be processed, complete the Note then select the  at the bottom of this form. 


This is one of the most important forms to answer! We can collect the general information you enter (with you permission) to help our Aussie Renters community.

Over time, we will have the additional information you are looking for when searching for a new property to live in. By adding this information, we can prove a particular real estate agent attempts to claim from every tenant and how difficult it was to get your bond refund!


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