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Our packs are designed to assist by offering booklets, checklists and worksheets to help manage renting a property in Australia. The majority of our products are available to download free of charge while a few booklets have a small fee attached. 

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2Apply booklet

We decided to write a help file to help with the 2Apply application process. This booklet has been written to help process your rental property applications as well as managing your own personal details on 2Apply.

Booklet for tenancy

This comprehensive booklet offers a more detailed look at your state or territory presenting the stages of tenancy:

  • Beginning your tenancy – looking for a property and looking at the property, landlord and long term tenancy
  • Tenancy agreements – the business side. After all the landlord and owner see this as a business agreement!
  • Early in your tenancy – condition reports and bond numbers
  • During your tenancy – 5R’s Renewing, rent increases, repairs, reasonable peace and record everything!
  • End your tenancy – breaking your lease, vacating the property, keys, final inspection and a bond refund

The relevant legislation has been imported into the booklet and links to government and non-government agencies for additional information have been included. 

This booklet is available for $3.95 and is included in the Take Action Tenancy Pack for $12.95 (see below for details). 

Break lease booklet

Our booklet explains how to break your tenancy agreement early as well as drawing your attention to the different sections of the Act that allow the tenancy agreement to be broken without compensation to the landlord, before the end date. 

An ending tenancy worksheet has been prepared to record your last few weeks recording the hunt for new tenants. If you have a particularly hard landlord or estate agent to deal with and they do not want to assist in locating a new tenant then this worksheet will help you prepare some additional evidence that you have witnessed.

Please note: N.S.W. has legislation stating ‘the landlord must complete the condition report in the presence of the tenant” see s. 29(4) Condition reports.

This booklet is available for $3.95 and is included in the Take Action Tenancy Pack for $12.95 (see below for details). 

Entry and exit checklists

Checklists have been put together to clearly outline what you need to action and receive when entering or exiting a property with checkboxes to tick when each action is complete. Scan and store the completed checklist and make any notes on the list if the landlord does not supply what is required. 

Download your free copy by clicking on our logo!

Entry checklist Exit checklist

Evidence gathering booklet

This booklet is a guide to help you prepare for any dispute at the bond authority or higher jurisdiction. Our evidence gathering booklet provides ideas of what can be gathered from the Internet and used as evidence to support your case. At the end of the booklet, an example has been provided to show how to prepare a dispute report / document. The booklet has an Appendix table that can be overtyped with your evidence.

Our ending tenancy worksheet has also been included in this booklet to help gather additional evidence in an organised manner. 

Please note:  the example of the dispute report has been provided to show you the structure of the report and how to word your report. Please overtype our report and create your own document. Make sure you leave the passion and emotion out of this document. 

This booklet is available for $4.95 and is included in the Take Action Tenancy Pack for $12.95 (see below for details). 

File note register

Our file note register provide a place to record any interactions you have with the rental property. Complete an entry on the register every time something is received, spoken about, emailed. Anything and everything goes on this register and electronic documents can be linked to it (e.g. scanned signed tenancy agreements, emails etc).

The first column is used to allocate a file number and used for all follow ups/ongoing issues. For instance, if you requested a repair to a door lock and it becomes an ongoing issue, every file note or email is given the same number until it is finalised. If the problem starts up again, give it a new number. 

Use a new entry line every time adding to your register, keeping a neat and tidy file note register to refer back to.

The file note registers are available in Word or Excel doc:

  • Electronic version – use your computer to record the entries using the Word doc version or Excel offering prepopulated dropdowns short cutting your entries. Link your electronic files to this master register. 
  • Manual version – print out a few copies and store them at the front of your hard copy files.
Electronic docx Electronic doc Manual 

Final inspection kit list

Put together a bucket of cleaning items and attend to any issue arising at the final inspection. Go prepared and the landlord will know you mean business. Print a copy of the list and add notes about anything extra you want to take to the final inspection.

At the same time, this list can be used when cleaning the property! Having the majority of products in a bucket can help with the exit clean as you can pick it up and take it to any spot in the house. 

Download a copy of our final inspection kit list by clicking our logo.

Getting started

The quickest way to get going on our new system, specifically designed for the Aussie Renters! Download the Quick guide for your instructions to get going immediately with our TERMS.

Click our logo for your copy!

Help file booklet

Aussie Renters believe in you managing your tenancy paperwork in an organised business like manner, right down to the filing! By saving and storing all correspondence electronically, you can retrieve them with a simple click of the mouse.

Our help file will show you how to store your important documents on a computer (or manually) and our file note register has a place to link your documents, making it easier to locate information fast. The file note register also has links to our products, so you can click on Letters and be directed to our letters without having to navigate our website!

Our letters are written in tables to help with the formatting and another table to display an issue or discrepancy with the property as well as the days you are prepared to wait to have the issue remedied. We appreciate our members are not all whizzes using MS Word, so we have added a document explaining how to add to or amend the documents using tables.

Download a free copy of our help file booklet by clicking our logo and this booklet is included in the Take Action Tenancy Pack.

Legislation with explanation booklet

Feel free to download your copy of Legislation with Explanation published on our website Your State. The embedded links work directly from the document when reading it on your computer or mobile.

Download a free copy by clicking our logo and this booklet is included in the Take Action Tenancy Pack.

Take action tenancy pack (TATP)

This is our big book on Tenancy with over 100 pages dedicated to your state including Aussie Renters checklists and worksheets.

The Take Action Tenancy Pack has the following included in one document:

  • Booklet for tenancy
  • Legislation with explanation booklet
  • Break lease booklet
  • Evidence gathering booklet
  • Help file booklet
  • Final inspection kit list
  • Entry and Exit checklists
  • Ending tenancy worksheet

There are two packs available, one being a continuous document with no blank pages while the other has been separated so you can print it and staple the separate booklets. These booklets can be purchased and downloaded from our website for $12.95. 

If you prefer, we will print a coloured personalised copy, professionally bound into a book for $39.95 (includes GST, postage and handling) and will be sent express post for quick delivery. In addition, the booklet will:

  • be presented in a 13 Pocket Expanding File with tab divider to store your important documents securely, preventing them from being damage or soiled.  
  • have 5 personalised manual File Note Register copies at the front of the expanding file
  • have 10 manual entry File Notes to start you on your recording journey

We will notify you by email when the Take Action Tenancy Pack has been dispatched. The email will also have a copy attached for you to save and use electronically, clicking the links provided and be re-directed to the applicable webpage.

To order this BIG booklet, please select from the booklets listed below.




Tenancy Electronic Record Management System (TERMS)

To start managing your tenancy using our system, download our Tenancy Electronic Record Management System (TERMS). Click on the logo below to download the zip file containing a directory, ready for you to use, immediately!

The directory will store all your documents right down to the images and contains cover sheets for manually documenting hard copy files. We have included a Condition and Images worksheet to drag and drop all your pictures into a Word doc for attaching to your entry report or just store them in a neat and organised manner, in case they are required to fight for your bond refund.

Click the help file logo for a copy of our quick guide on setting up the Aussie Renters TERMS computer folders.

Worksheets and Covers

These came about due to the need to keep hard copy files clean and tidy as well as providing something you can work from. An example of a worksheet would be if were breaking your lease, stressed trying to find a new tenant and the landlord is doing close to nothing to help. Use our Ending Tenancy Worksheet to record lots of helpful information in the event of a bond dispute. It is self-explanatory and easy to use but when the time comes, you can say “on average 20 people turned up for every inspection and numerous had written applications that were handed to the landlord” if they say no one could be found… Gather your own intelligence!

Another worksheet is our Condition and Images worksheets for recording the condition of the property when you enter and exit. These are broken down into rooms and you will find them in your TERMS Folders under each room. We have supplied both .doc and .docx and this worksheet allows for 3 images to be dragged and dropped or inserted while noting the condition of the issue/discrepancy. The table has been set so your images should resize to fit and each picture has its own individual identifier listed under the picture. If you organise your pictures soon after entry, the major concerns can be highlighted and you can note the picture’s id no so you can refer to them instantly. This is the free alternatively to using our TERMS App along with an entry letter to send when returning your entry reports.

There are a 13 in total, so click on our logo and you will be redirected to your state’s Worksheets and Covers


Please note: when using our TERMS App, some of the Covers will be prepared by Aussie Renters to reflect your personal details, tailored to your responses. Once complete, we will email them directly to you. 

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Take Action Tenancy Pack Booklet - New South Wales

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