Tenancy Electronic Record Management System

Australia’s first tenancy app, designed for the Aussie Renters to manage their rental property efficiently recording all interactions with the property, gathering your tenancy history.

Always start with the end in mind!


More and more issues arise these days when vacating a property compared to just a decade ago and too many “no reason” evictions occur every week throughout Australia. Long term tenancy seems to be a thing of the past. 

51 percent of Aussie renters living in homes needing repairs (ACA 4 December 2018)

National renters research (CHOICE 16 February 2017)

Everyone will advise you to record everything in date order, so we developed our TERMS App offering dropdown selections to allow you to quickly enter a Note, shorthand version of note keeping. Use your mobile phone to record it all. 

Record your entry, independently using our TERMS App and we’ll send you a report displaying all your images along with your comments.

The data entered will convert in to professional lettes and reports, all designed to benefit you!

We have a Tribunal Package available too, you can now defend your bond money without feeling overwhelmed or out of control. We have you covered!

Our partnership with Tenancy Disputes has put the personal touch with this stressful time. up and running. Tenancy Disputes will make time to talk you through the process and help you complete the forms.

Our TERMS App is seriously the easiest way to present your tenancy history!

Aussie Renters is for the renters of Australia and we have no affliation with any estate agent. We provide a clerical service helping you store your evidence in date order and our reports can be used by the Tenant Unions or the government Authorities to prepare a case for you. 

The TERMS App is free to download and use with the majority of our assistance free of charge. Any products or packages listed for sale are to help the renter so all charges are kept to a minimum making them accessible to all of our community.

Aussie Renters wants to make real changes in the way people rent in Australia!

Download our TERMS App today! 

If you would like to use it on the web browser, please ensure you are using Chrome.

Help Files are available here

Please note: the TERMS App takes under a minute to load and sync data due to the extensive dropdown selections offered but operates smoothly and quickly once complete.