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Tenancy Electronic Record Management System

Always start with the end in mind

Our services are based on the admin side of your rental property. Every real estate agent has “a system” to record everything that happens. Our TERMS is your system, the one that will produce your tenancy history at the end when you need it the most. 

Build your tenancy history on your TERMS, using our TERMS! Renting in Australia has turned into a mini business enterprise. Tenants are now risking their money when they pay a rental bond, there seems to be no guarantee you’ll see it return.

Our TERMS is a proactive way storing your valuable rental history, all in date order. It’s the backup you need to have without the stress and time consuming gathering of documents if you must defend a full bond refund, or more. If you add the Note, it can be used in many different ways. Let it produce a letter for you, generate a file note for your records or create a paragraph for your Statement of Evidence defending your bond money at the Tribunal.

Too many bonds are being held up and not released for weeks or surrended due to inadequate recordings to challenge a claim. When examined, keeping detailed notes about every interaction is more beneficial than you may realise. 

To help the Aussie Renters defend their dollars, we have joined teams with Tenant Defence NSW! Our team will have you covered, Tenant Defence are the conceirge who will coach and guide you through the steps to successfully represent yourself at the Tribunal while Aussie Renters will prepare all of your paperwork. Their main focus and knowledge is geared towards NSW however they can assist no matter what state you live in.

Stop seeing half the picture and jump on board with Aussie Renters so we can show you the whole picture! For a quick view of what we offer, click here.