Our Services

Put simply, we offer the clerical/admin services to help with your rental property. A tenant’s Personal Assistant!

Renting is very much a business these days. Renters don’t see it that way, to them it’s their home, a place where memories are made. 

Originally, our aim was to equip our community of tenants with as much up to date information as we could. Our website contains your state or territory’s research along with checklists, booklets and worksheets to help a tenant understand the legal mindfield it has become. You’ll learn more about the legislation if you use our services as we include it in everything. 

As the proactive approach to renting seemed to be something the renting community had no interest in, we swapped our efforts to tackle bond refund disputes. The TERMS App that was onced released for the tenants to use, is now being used exclusively by Aussie Renters to produce the bond retrieval packages. Due to know how to use it efficiently, the savings are passed on to the renters.

Thousands of paragraphs have been written to generate a Statement of Evidence and just as many to produce the letters or file notes. We hope to release a new app in the future for our members use but for now, our administration officer will enter your details then personally adjust any document to make it as personal and unique to your tenancy. 

Too many bonds are being held up and not released for months due to the pandemic and many peope will surrender their money in the hope to make the stress go away. We have seen that many tenants be held accountable for more claims after releasing their entire bond money to the landlord and still be made to appear at the Tribunal. Yes you have read that sentence correctly… why not, thousands has been released, yet they want more...

Aussie Renters joined forces with Ike Rushton who offers coaching to help you successfully represent yourself at the Tribunal. Ike’s knowledge and focus is geared towards NSW however he can assist no matter what state you live in.

If you are caught up in a dispute, check out what we can do to help you see the whole picture not just some of it!