• Break lease booklet for Queensland

Break lease booklet for Queensland

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Sometimes you have to break your lease to move on to another part of your life. This booklet explains the process so you aren’t paying additional rent waiting for another tenant to take over your tenancy agreement. Some of the topics are:

  • Using the Act to break your lease and other reasons
  • Application and evidence gathering for the Tribunal
  • What to expect at the hearing
  • Dispute report and appendix (example)
  • Ending tenancy worksheet, exit checklist and a final inspection kit list to assist with vacating the property

The legislation has been merged into these documents so you can read it immediately and a few links to government and non-government agencies are also included. View the document on your computer or mobile device and link directly to the article.

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This booklet is available for $3.95 and is included in the Take Action Tenancy Pack for $12.95 (see below for details). 

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