Booklet for tenancy

This comprehensive booklet provides additional information to our Legislation with Explanation and is broken down into several stages:

  • Beginning your tenancy – looking for a property and looking at the property, landlord and long term tenancy
  • Tenancy agreements – the business side. After all the landlord and owner see this as a business agreement!
  • Early in your tenancy – condition reports and bond numbers
  • During your tenancy – 5R’s Renewing, rent increases, repairs, reasonable peace and record everything!
  • End your tenancy – breaking your lease, vacating the property, keys, final inspection and a bond refund

The relevant legislation has been imported into the booklet with numerous links to government and non-government organisations. We also include more about our managment system with links to our own Aussie Renters resources.

This booklet can be downloaded free of charge (valued at $3.95) and is included in the Take Action Tenancy Pack for $12.95 (see below for details). 

New South Wales