Conciliation Conference

When a dispute is lodged with the  Residential Tenancies Authority, a conciliation conference will be organised in an attempt to have both parties to agree to a distribution of funds held. If you do not agree, a Notice of Unresolved Dispute will be issued by RTA and this is required to make an application at the Tribunal.

Every matter at the Tribunal is individual and the Tribunal Member will decide to finalise a matter at conciliation stage or adjourn the matter listing it for a Hearing. 

From the feedback provided by all our members, the other party supplies a very lengthy and detailed Court File to the Tribunal. Many are shocked by the size.

For this reason, you should be prepared to present everything at the Conciliation Conference. Page 11 of the QCAT Application form provides a list of what is required for a QCAT Hearing.

If you ordered the Bond Retrieval 2nd letter package, you will have received a document to help write your submission and response to the claim against your bond money.

At this point, you may decide that it is too overwhelming to complete the Court File and opt to use our services.  Please action this request for assistance as a matter of urgency. Due to the short timeframe, we need to start working on your file promptly. 

The Other Party’s Court File

Before attending the Conciliation Conference or at the conference, the other party should supply you with a copy of their evidence.

In the majority of cases, valuable information is supplied in this file and we require a copy of it immediately.

Please forward it to us via email or upload it to your Google Drive Shared Folder.  

Tribunal Packages

We offer several types of packages for you to defend your bond money:

  • Bond retrieval package – keep the table open for negotiating an outcome rather than defending your bond refund at the Tribunal. We have kept the cost to a minimum but you will get the maximum from this package 
  • DIY – for a small investment, these packages provide you with detail documents for your hearing. If you invest in a Plus Package, we will use our skills to dig up as much as we can about the services being claimed as well as finding reasonable comparisons to assist your dispute
  • Our Personal Assistants packages will take the stress away from you having to prepare your submission bundle/evidence for the Tribunal. You supply all of your evidence and we will type your Statement and Response to the Claims

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