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25 Aug 2021 – Sharen – Sanctuary Point NSW – Anne has given me so much support - I found it a bit tricky to trust what she was saying in the beginning - "I found her on Facebook". and she told me she would support me because I was feeling completely over whelmed by the lies and deception from my landlords agent "- they were demanding thousands of dollars from me, for what I believed to be unjustified and unreasonable claims - this woman Anne told me she had started a site called Aussie Renters and she would stand beside me and support me by preparing the documents needed for the Tribunal - she was true to her words - she simply took all my jumbled highly emotive words and turned them into an incredible document - easily accessed by the Tribunal member ... without this woman believing in me and without her skills, passion and drive to support Renters being cheated by their Agent / Landlord - I would have thrown my hard earned cash at the greedy landlord - (simply to rid them from my life) - I could not stand the indignity of the Agents lies and deception - "instead I offered a donation to Anne along with the fee for service she so richly deserves for the hours of work she put into my case - so she could support others being ripped off by greedy land owners. - I know what it is like to have nothing - I know what it is to be bullied by greedy Agents without ethics or integrity and to have no finances to fight them with - at this point in my life I have the finances and I believe in Anne's ability to support others - I have seen her work first hand - without Anne beside me my anxiety levels would have skyrocketed - words alone can not say how much your support has meant to me ... Thank you so very much .. you have a gift you must use it to fight for the right for Renters nation wide.

1 Mar 2021 – Karen – Edgeworth NSW –  Aussie Renters Anne has been wonderful, she saw that I was completely overwhelmed with my NCAT hearing and evidence that I needed to supply this was my first time having to deal with this she took my long winded/passionate statement and put it back together in a concise factual way that was much easier for the tribunal to read. I honestly believe that I would not have won my case without their help. Thank you so much Anne. I would highly recommend this Aussie Renters to anyone who has to deal with Property Managers or Land Lords through their states tribunals or Government Departments”.

19 Feb 2021 – Melissa – Miranda NSW – Aussie Renters “I felt so relieved to get a name to help me. Never did I think I would have to go to a Tenancy Tribunal after 12 years of renting. This is the fourth property I have rented. Thank you for the help”.

18 Sep 2020 – Anonymous from – Bass Hill NSW – Aussie Renters & Tenancy Disputes “I feel so much more confident and relaxed with you guys talking to me and helping me. The structure and formats of documents that Aussie Renters has and you have done with my statement is fantastic. I am going to save them so i can use them as templates for my family court stuff. You have taught me invaluable life skills already”.

13 Sep 2020 – Anonymous from – Jordan Springs NSW – “Anne has been of great help/support for me as a tenant when sorting out maintenance requests to both, my Property Manager and Landlord. She has gone above and beyond to make sure I feel confident when dealing with issues with the property which required inmediate attention. Anne not only has a great sense of empathy, but understands and interprets the law effectively. I'd 100% recommend 'Aussie renters' to anyone needing a hand when renting”.




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