About Us

After decades renting in Australia and just as many working with large corporations, I have developed some great letter and report writing skills. So instead of keeping these skills to myself, I have decided to release them to the Australian public! 

Since talking about my dream to bring a the most helpful website to the Aussie Renters, other professionals have come on board, putting the “we” into Aussie Renters!

Our aim is to equip the Australian tenants with as much up to date information as we can. We have researched your state or territory and now we present the links we found. Read our topics and click the link to see the applicable legislation, download a form or produce one of our letters from our comprehensive library. Reports that detail the condition of the property precisely as presented to you at occupation. 

This project has taken years to develop making Aussie Renters a proactive approach to your tenancy. With the assistance of our help files and packs, locating evidence from your own neat and tidy correspondence file, will make our members prepared for the unexpected bond refund dispute.

We have made the first secretarial style service in Australia specifically for the Aussie Renters. What do you think of that?

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