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After decades renting in Australia and just as many working with large corporations, I have developed some great letter and report writing skills. So instead of keeping these skills to myself, I have decided to release them to the Australian public! 

A strong working history in IT (used to run the City of Gold Coast mainframe) mixed with the Cloud software has helped me create the “backend” of the letters or reports ensuring the cruical areas are addressed for the tenant. Prior to being medically retired, I prepared Court Schedules (summarised from Court Briefs) for the Magistrate to read and sentence defendants who had a large number of charges before the Court. 

The Court Schedules presented ALL relevant details in a predictable sumarised manner and this freed up many hours for a hearing as the Prosecutor did not need to read all of the charges (and details) out to the Magistrate. This unique skill set has been swapped over to the Tribunal and now used to help the Aussie Renters.

This project has taken many years to develop and we believe our specialised reports will help you retrieve your bond money. We cannot guarantee it but if you have sufficient evidence, we can present it the way the Tribunal requires.

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Anne Parker, Managing Director, Aussie Renters