About Us

After decades renting in Australia and just as many working with large corporations, I have developed some great letter and report writing skills. So instead of keeping these skills to myself, I have decided to release them to the Australian public! 

Using today’s Cloud software, the “backend” of the letters or reports has been created and this ensures all the cruical areas of issue or dispute are addressed for the tenant. Having a working history with prosecutions and the Magistrates Court, a whole new reporting system has been created supporting the renters of Australia.

The majority of what we offer is free of charge to use but there is a small fee for many of our packages due to requiring staff to tweak a document to suit your exact circumstance, computers cannot do it all.

This project has taken many years to develop and we believe our specialised reports will help you retrieve your bond money or sort out other disputes. We cannot guarantee a successful outcome but we can present your tenancy/current situation into the correct format for a Tribunal hearing or breaking a lease.

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Anne Parker, Managing Director, Aussie Renters