Once upon a time when you left the place you once called home, your bond was refunded to you. The landlord would attend an inspection at a suitable time and once all checked, the keys were returned and the bond claim form signed. In to the post office to collect your cash. Yes, once upon the bond was refunded, in cash. Do you remember these days? Now you would be lucky to have an agent turn up, let alone with the claim form in hand! The Aussie Renters of today’s era are EXPECTED to part with some of their money, if not all of it. Seems that every property is considered a cas..
What DOES Aussie Renters do to help the tenant?
The reason behind us is simple, we are part of the renter stories and sick to death of fighting claims that were simply not true. With my IT mad legal mind, I received “loads of lessons” renting on the Gold Coast. The stories I have been spun were not the same stories I read in the legislation! Talk to anyone who has rented and you will hear at least one story about a bond claim they had to fight. We are about recording everything and documenting it the best way possible. Aussie Renters offers a: - safe and secure offsite place to store your pictures and data (we will sh..
Is your rental property water efficient?
Accepting the water consumption charges seems to be necessary, without question these days. I’ve just moved, and like all tenants, accepted these costs because there was a tick in the tenancy agreement saying as a tenant I am liable for these charges, even if the property isn’t water efficient? I recorded my test and now will show you how to put your simple test together. Run your tests and record the “evidence” proving the efficiency of your rental property. I used items from cupboards and my mobile phone, discovering the voice activation recording along the way. ..
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