What DOES Aussie Renters do to help the tenant?

What DOES Aussie Renters do to help the tenant?

The reason behind us is simple, we are part of the renter stories and sick to death of fighting claims that were simply not true. With my IT mad legal mind, I received “loads of lessons” renting on the Gold Coast. The stories I have been spun were not the same stories I read in the legislation! Talk to anyone who has rented and you will hear at least one story about a bond claim they had to fight.

We are about recording everything and documenting it the best way possible. Aussie Renters offers a:

- safe and secure offsite place to store your pictures and data (we will show you to save it on your computer and link it to a master register)

- tenancy management system either electronically or manually

- loads of business letters, reports, worksheets, file notes, cover sheets etc

- booklets to help you understand the law within your state or territory

Our management system is a creation from knowledge gained working within large state and local government sectors, a way to manage your correspondence so you can rely on it assisting you immediately, if needed. Something similar to what the real estate agents use but not identical. 

During my years working with Queensland Police in Prosecutions as the Drug Court Court Liaison Officer, I knew how valuable evidence is to securing a successful prosecution. As a renter, I slowly started to gather the right information along with the correct section of the Act keeping it all in my trusty little database. Add all of this experience with some evidence gathered and a very helpful Claim/Dispute Tribunal Report (written for your specific case) and more opportunity has just presented itself for your fight against them having your bond refund. 

Anything we provide can be taken to your local Tenant Union to assist you. The data is yours and can be downloaded to a spreadsheet for their use within their documents! All details are uploaded using our  App. If you start with the end in mind and record every interaction, you will have an extensive tenancy history from your perspective! The App has a form for the Tribunal hearing details too, enter every cent being claimed or disputed, whether evidence has been supplied and what your counter offer/claim is on your TERMS!

Today, I will produce one of our letters advising the property manager our indoor yet outdoor ceiling fan has stopped working through no fault of my own. Turn the switch and... When did this happen? Who knows but I bet you all know who will be made responsible.

The letter addresses this fact and the fact that it was not due to any negligence or deliberate, malicious damage on my behalf. Actually, did you know your security bond was paid for the same reason? If the bond money is claimed, it means you have breached your tenancy agreement. Pure neglect and malicious damage or the house and carpets not clean enough...

If you, like many others before, have had money taken from your bond refund simply because you did not know how to fight, well you are in the right place for assistance. We cannot advise you what to do, so please understand we are not another type of tenant union. Aussie Renters puts the words on paper for you or to help start a business style letter or report. 

The legislation requires a fair bit “in writing”, did you know that? Next time your property manager says “put it in writing and I will address the owner” then do just that. It is a guarantee the Tribunal will be more favourable to the tenant if they can say “yes, I sent a letter via email on 13 February 2020 at 10:50am requesting the front door be secured” and then show them your letter!

The use of our Tenancy Electronic Record Management System will ensure you are prepared to fight a dispute and win, we cannot promise a successful outcome but believe you will be better equipped! We are an email or message away, please feel free to contact us for any assistance.

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Written by: Anne Parker, Managing Director, Aussie Renters

Posted by Anne Parker