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Where are you renting?

Heading to the Tribunal? Tenant submissions are our specialty!

Here at Aussie Renters, it’s all about the tenant and taking action!

We are the renters personal assistant, let us assist by writing a business letter for you or use our experience putting together your Tribunal submissions, presenting your evidence summarised in an easy to read format. 

After 5 years creating our system, it is ready to help you fight for fair at a very affordable price. 

You can access our assistance at any point of the refund process, numerous packages have been created to assist you negotiate your bond refund, right through to producing a professional submission. Booklets and checklists have been created to navigate renting in Australia.

If you feel overwhelmed but wish to complete your submission without paying a fee, have a look at Your States support page. It has been designed to help you put your court file together.

You are welcome to Contact Us (or complete the form below) if you are anxious about your matter and need help immediately. Remember to check your Junk/Spam folder for our response, on occasions we’ve ended up there!

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