Bond refunds

Retrieving your bond refund can be pretty stressful causing a great deal of anxiety. Signing away the security deposit placed at the beginning was not what you bargained for?

The bond is required and held for the owner protecting them incase the tenant breaches the tenancy agreement, did you do that?

Breaching the tenancy agreement -v- wear and tear

How do you show you negotiated in an attempt to reach a mutually agreeable outcome? If you did not receive your bond refund immediately, check into it. Contact the bond authority not the agent or landlord. Once you are in the know, process our first letter and start the bond retrieval process

Negotiating the refund is extremely important and should be in writing. Written correspondence proves your attempts to resolve a dispute before needing a court system to step in and make a decision. 

It does not matter where you start, just as long as you do. Aussie Renters will help no matter where you are in the process of retrieving your bond money. Take our documents to the Tenant Union, it will save them a massive amount of time due to you being prepared!

We have helped many Aussie Renters fight for their bond refund as well as massive compensation claims (amounts above and beyond the bond already paid) and we took them through our process using:

  • Two professional letters requesting evidence of any claim and stating what you will, or won’t be releasing from your bond money
  • Worksheets to prepare your argument by gathering the right information
  • Reports for the bond authority and if needed, another for the Tribunal or Magistrates Court
  • Evidence and intel gathering forms displaying images, proof of what you are saying
  • Booklets that explain how to gather your evidence or intel (we explain the difference), one for breaking your lease and the other for going to Court.

Our process is tiered, use it for each step of the way from the beginning to the end. Due to COVID-19 we are offering these services to our members free of charge but when it’s over, you will find our fees are very small compared to the service offered. The letters are free with the reports and worksheet produced will cost $20 to $40. 

We help in several ways:

  1. TERMS App has prepopulated forms to make uploading your specific details easy
  2. Worksheets have been designed to save anything you have found, the first step to organising your file
  3. Evidence Gathering booklet will help you find what you need, explaining the difference between evidence and intel

The majority of our members had compensation claims made against them for the gardens and/or lawn. Nothing was mentioned in the final inspection report but appeared in the Tribunal application. The tenant has moved out and cannot re-attend to fix the issue. The internet ends up being the first place most people go. Bunnings has turf listed for $6.85 and as you can see from the picture, the amount being claimed was substantially higher than the area shown.


A picture taken when one member moved in showed stumps in the garden bed. These turned into “self seeding wattle trees” that the agent said the tenant allowed to take hold by not removing them earlier, claiming $2k for their removal…

The TERMS App is free to download and use with the majority of our assistance free of charge. Any products or packages listed for sale are to help the renter so all charges are kept to a minimum making them accessible to all of our community. We want to make real changes in the way people rent in Australia!

If you would like to use it on the web browser, please ensure you are using Chrome.

Help Files are available here

Download our TERMS App today and start recording your tenancy history!

Please note: the TERMS App takes under a minute to load and sync data due to the extensive dropdown selections offered but operates smoothly and quickly once complete.